Leadership Development

Leadership Development

“People join companies, but leave managers”  

Gallup’s insight is as true today as it has ever been. Recent research underlines the fact that a person’s immediate line manager is the single biggest influence on their engagement. Further studies show that 64% of people said they had more to offer in skills and talent than they are currently being asked to demonstrate at work.

Discover your potential as a leader, unleash that of your teams and develop the level of engagement that will deliver results. We work with you to understand your current challenges and design a tailored solution that will meet your goals.

Past such programmes have combined interactive, thought provoking and energizing workshops around topics such as:

  • Self awareness, Impact and Influence
  • Giving Purpose, Autonomy and a Voice
  • Flexing Leadership Styles
  • Coaching and Feedback skills
  • High Performance Teams & Teamwork
  • Problem Solving & Decision Making

Learning and impact are sustained over time by focusing on the practical application of new concepts and by encouraging the habit of ongoing self-development through a series of curated resources.


Insights Discovery

Insights Discovery is a world-leading diagnostics tool that helps you gain a deep understanding into yourself and your colleagues and how to adapt and connect with others to create strong and effective professional relationships.

engagemoore offers Insights Discovery as part of its leadership development programmes or as a standalone workshop.

Watch Insights Discovery VideoWatch Insights Discovery Video


What people are saying about engagemoore

The Leadership training has intensely changed the way I do my day-to-day work. It was absolutely exceptional! I was impressed by the intellectually stimulating material and the outstanding delivery. The program helped me take a step back and reflect on my leadership style, the organizational environment and the kind of mind set a leader needs to be successful and deliver exceptional results.

Alexandra Florea, General Manager, Elior UK



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