Customer Experience

Customer Experience

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast”  
   Peter Drucker

Achieving the highest levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty in the face of evolving customer expectations requires a culture that holds the customer at its heart.

engagemoore will partner with you to enhance your customer experience and develop a strong service culture through workshops and skill development in areas such as:

  • Definition and design of the customer experience
  • Aligning processes to support the customer experience
  • Engaging managers and employees in the project
  • Design of front line training
  • Training in house facilitators and service champions

Case Studies

Le Meridien Hotels & Resorts: the challenge was to find a way of improving the satisfactory but static levels of customer satisfaction in order to maintain a competitive edge. The solution was an innovative, company-wide quality and customer service strategy that engaged teams and gave them ownership for the measurement and improvement of service delivery. This resulted in a 15% improvement of global guest satisfaction and advocacy within 9 months of launch.

Elior UK: the challenge set by the incoming Chief Executive was (simply!) to take diverse types and levels of service (from stadia to staff restaurants via officers’ mess and museum cafés) across over 600 sites and make Elior famous for exceptional service. The solution was an award winning programme, praised for its interactivity and sustainability, which resulted in the rise in customer satisfaction scores to over 85% (versus a target of 75%) and an overall contract retention score increase from 84% to 97% within 12 months.

Hand Picked Hotels: having defined the brand personality and behaviours, the senior team was looking for a way to bring them alive and embed them throughout the organisation. We proposed a novel yet practical approach to helping every team member understand and take ownership for the behaviours.


What people are saying about engagemoore

Michèle’s high level of creativity in design and development of training programmes and projects means we always have a fresh approach to the challenges we face. She was the ideal person for me to turn to when I needed external help for our customer service programme and her ability to engage with and understand our company meant she designed the perfect solution, which ultimately won 2 national awards in training.

Lesley Pritt, Group Training & Standards Manager at Hand Picked Hotels

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